I chose as part of my studies to rebrand Paletes. Paletas is an Israeli popsicle manufacturer. The popsicles are handmade, and their origin is the Mexican tradition. Their main store's location is in Sharona Market.
Why did I choose to rebrand Paletas?  Paletas see themselves as the happiest moment of the day, but unfortunately, it is not reflected in their design. Also, there is no reference to the traditional Mexican background.
The concept: Combining a sense of fun and celebration with the traditional Mexican origin.
The color palette is inspired by the Mexican 
Ottomi style - happy, Joyful, and fresh.
Early sketches that I drew in the beginning of the process :
The previous logo depicts the 
handmade process, craftsmanship, the 
sweetness. The previous logo does not 
coincide with the values I wanted to 
Inspiration from the Mexican culture- Ottomi, patterns , Mexican gods, Pelea de tigres en Zitlala in Guerrero and Mexican masks:

 Thank you !
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