About the project:
This project was created as part of my studies. The brief was to design a website, for desktop only, for a particular movie. The movie I've chosen to dedicate a site to is  " The imitation game". 
The movie:
The film shows the story of Alan Turing, A British mathematician. During World War II, He helped to crack the German "Enigma" coded messages. He did this by building the world's first computer - the "bombe" machine.​​​​​​​
I focused on the mechanics, their movement, and the way they work,  in a playful and intriguing way.
My target audience
1. On the one hand, the site is for people who haven't watched the film yet.
2. On the other hand, it completes the experience for those who have already watched it.
The flow :
The inspirations:
To simplfy the presentation of the way that the Enigma machine works , I conducted a research to study how it works. Besides, I tracked the movement of the machine Alan created - the Bombe machine. Also, I turned to visual inspirations from the Bauhaus, as well as shapes from the research of the film's graphic designers.
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