The App is inspired by the great illustrator Keith Haring. Haring became known for the recognizable style consisting of bold lines and bright colors, as well as the unique energy and optimism of his art.
The design trend in 2021 is to produce as humanistic design as possible because of the lack of physical connections due to the social distancing.
through the process of work, I was extracting shapes, stokes, lines, and colors from his artworks in order to create new illustration based on his work. 
On screens in the app that aim to be clean, functional and readable, the icons give the touch of Keith Herring. This creates a seamless experience between these screens and screens that contain many illustrations.
I wished to focus on a certain senecio - a new user. The user adds it's first city, then it can slide through the saved city, see the full forecast and eventually- share it by WhatsApp stickers. 
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